How We Do Them All

The  turn around time for overseas cases (export) is estimated to be finished within 7 working days (1 week), where 3 days is used in the lab for processing the work and the rest of the four days is for incoming and outgoing of  shipment.  Combination  work  between  the above items needs additional time to finish, depending on each individual case.
Delivery  time mostly depends on the courier service that is used. For a large number  of countries, it usually takes up to 3 days for a one way delivery, we use DHL, FedEx, UPS, or TNT.
To  boost  the  production  capacity, we have recruited and trained new technicians,which now has reached the production capacity of 3000 units per month with 40 dental technicians employed.Stringent measures and thorough test are couducted to select the best candidates for new trainees.   We are constantly adding technicians every year following a  greater demand for our work.

Type of work that we do in our lab:

1. All Porcelain Crown & Bridge (Inceram)
2. Porcelain Fused to Metal NP Crown & Bridge
3. Porcelain Fused to Gold  Crown & Bridge 
4. Metal Free Crown & Bridge (Composite / Adoro-Ivoclar)
5. Zirconia
6. Maryland Bridge
7. Porcelain inlay/onlay/veneer
8. All Metal crown/inlay/onlay/post core
9. Metal free inlay/onlay/veneer



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