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True and Passionate

PT Ariadenta  Gunanusantara  Dental  Laboratory  was founded in Jakarta at the end of 1989,  when the idea  came from  a couple old friends to create a company with passion for the dental health. Their goal  is to manufacture  and export porcelain fused to metal crown and bridges.  The future is to gain a  market  share in the world's  market of dental laboratory product, especially porcelain crowns and bridges, metal free crown and dentures.
The  Management  of  PT Ariadenta Gunanusantara is supported  by  many dental  technicians along with a solid  administration team and customer service department that helps run the  daily operation. Production is done under strict supervision, at each stages of the process, before continuing onto the next stages.  Quality  control is  done at the final stage before shipping out the work to our customers.


Hand in Hand

In  order  to  obtain  the skill and technology,  PT  Ariadenta Gunanusantara  sent  several group of trainees to the United States to study and practice hands-on with the actual cases. 
As a result many dental technicians have PTC (Productivity Training Corporation) certification which is acknowledged worldwide.  The  training  facility  was available to us due to a joint co - operation with a second party based in New York, USA.  The joint cooperation was not only in the  technological transfer, but also to marketing the products.


Our Long History

At this moment  we operate one office in the USA, which handles incoming and outgoing of cases in the  East  Coast region,  together with the marketing aspect. In the early 90"s we started to do the European  market via a large dental lab in Singapore.


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